• i love your videos they’re unlike any other i see on youtube

    • Understanding Modes: The Major Scale

      Let us begin our modal journey with the Major Scale. Not only is this scale the foundation for all other modes but there is beautiful tension and

    • Writing 8 String Guitar Riffs

      Here's a cool guitar riff that not only takes advantage of the extended range of an 8 string guitar but also includes some great chords, augmente

    • Legato Arpeggios

      This arpeggio pattern was inspired by Nick Johnston. We take 6 string arpeggio pattern which includes slurs (hammer-ons) while ascending and full left hand legato (hammer from nowhere)as we descend down th

    • Riff Writing in 11/8

      11/8 is one of my favorite Time Signatures or Meters to play in. Here is a super simple riff that can help clear up any confusion on how to play or count 11/8. [member]11/8 Lesson TABs[/member]