• just the kind of stuff beginners need. Most teachers just give you the scale and say be creative but give no idea as to how to use the scale. you give ideas and riffs, so we can take the ideas, make our own, or use your riffs, change them into something more personalized and have something to be proud of, or to annoy your family with :D

    • Understanding Modes: The Major Scale

      Let us begin our modal journey with the Major Scale. Not only is this scale the foundation for all other modes but there is beautiful tension and

    • Writing 8 String Guitar Riffs

      Here's a cool guitar riff that not only takes advantage of the extended range of an 8 string guitar but also includes some great chords, augmente

    • Legato Arpeggios

      This arpeggio pattern was inspired by Nick Johnston. We take 6 string arpeggio pattern which includes slurs (hammer-ons) while ascending and full left hand legato (hammer from nowhere)as we descend down th

    • Riff Writing in 11/8

      11/8 is one of my favorite Time Signatures or Meters to play in. Here is a super simple riff that can help clear up any confusion on how to play or count 11/8. [member]11/8 Lesson TABs[/member]