About Axe of Creation

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Gregory Bolomey first picked up a guitar at the formative age of 16. One fateful day, a neighbor stopped by Greg’s house and proceeded to play a Metallica riff that he himself had just learned. Greg was instantaneously captivated. Kirk Hammett’s influence is the reason Greg decided to become a guitarist. He took-off with vigor and passion and never looked back. Inspired by the artistic expressions of the likes of John Petrucci, Dimebag Darrell, Alex Skolnick and Paul Gilbert; Greg taught himself anything and everything he could about guitar hood proper. His progress and process has never stopped, it has only evolved. He is consistently and convincingly growing as a player; absorbing and adapting from today’s most progressive players…Guthrie Govan, Tosin Abasi and Misha Mansoor.

Older and more mature, he began to seek new ways to expand, enhance and enrich his musical acumen. Most notably, in his mastery of manipulation and education in extended range (7 and 8 string) guitars. Furthermore, he added formal training to his naturally talented ear by acquiring a BS in Audio Engineering as well as a Masters Degree in Music Performance.

His well-cultivated knowledge, perpetual devotion and ever-growing musical prowess have come to define who he is as a musician, not least of which is his passion to educate and inspire. Greg continues to nurture his musical education with ongoing formal training in music theory, analysis and composition, while still immersing himself in the timeless contributions of the masters: greats like Bach, Schoenberg, Cage and Stravinsky.

My Crusade

Hello, my name is Gregory Bolomey, and I wield the Axe of Creation. What is the Axe of Creation, you ask? It is a splendid departure from the teaching norm… it is more than just shredding to the work of others, but learning to slay on your own. I would like to cordially invite you on a journey into your untapped creative subconscious.

Days in the studio mastering music; nights on stage with my band S.T.E.M. (stemny.com); and years spent teaching guitar players at all levels and disciplines… it has all left me asking why? Why do some guitarists (even the pros), ROCK and others not? Turns out, the answer is simpler than you think… it’s all about understanding.

Our musical heroes understand the music that moves them — lock, stock and barrel; they manage to channel this great energy to CREATE the music that moves us.

It may have taken me a lifetime, but I tell you this… Gregory Bolomey understands; I understand how… and I know why… and guess what…? I’m ready to teach you. So, grab your axe and let’s do this!