About Axe of Creation

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My Crusade

Hello, my name is Gregory, and I wield the Axe of Creation. What is the Axe of Creation, you ask? It is a splendid departure from the teaching norm… it is more than just shredding to the work of others, but learning to slay on your own. I would like to cordially invite you on a journey into your untapped creative subconscious.

Our musical heroes understand the music that moves them — lock, stock and barrel; they manage to channel this great energy to CREATE the music that moves us.

It may have taken me a lifetime, but I tell you this; I understand how… and I know why… and guess what…? I’m ready to teach you. So, grab your axe and let’s do this!

Who am I really?

Husband and father of two beautiful girls. Working the 9-5, teaching lessons, and making weekly content for my youtube channel. The days of spending 6 hours in the woodshed are long gone but I always find time to sharpen the axe! I used to play nothing but metal and was quite the riff master. These days I’m growing soft and spending my days becoming a mediocre fusion player. Improvisation was never my thing (Masters in Classical Guitar and melting faces) and I always shy’d away from it. Now I’ll gladly explore ways to create melodies that weave thru chords seamlessly. We all learn differently and we are all prisoners of our own subjective reality. Life is a journey and guitar playing is no different. If it was easy, none of us would enjoy it!